Julie Lovelock

Julie had a love of art, particularly painting, from a young age and showed promise when at school, but found, mainly due to a lack of confidence, she veered toward a more academic direction. It was in 1993, when a single mum, that Julie discovered an Adult Education watercolour class which reignited her passion. She found watercolours to be a quicker and more practical medium when bringing up children and having little time. She would use nap times to paint, teaching herself by experimentation, and finding tremendous peace in doing so. Julie taught art at a local primary school for five years; she found art a great way for a child to learn to express and so boost their self-esteem. In 2011, Julie became self-employed giving her more time and freedom to paint, her children all grown up. She discovered oils, which quickly became her preferred medium. She says she finds them very healing by their being more natural. Julie enjoys painting nature, either landscape or animals; she finds her love of the land, and its creatures, comes out in her work. She is also a Yoga teacher, Spiritual Healer and Clairvoyant.

Julie Lovelock

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