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Paul Stone

Paul Stone is a local artist living in Bridgwater. He attended SCAT (Somerset College of Art & Tech) in Taunton. Paul has been a self-employed artist since 1997, creating murals on walls and floors for commissions. He spent free time in the evenings working with pen & ink favouring detailed work whether in drawing or painting. Paul likes variation and changes his style frequently. Most of Pauls recognition has come through his freelance illustration work of Hip Hop posters and album covers for 'Hip Hop Connection Magazine' featuring Public Enemy. Pauls Hip Hop inspired work features in 'Weapon of Choice Exhibition' in Bristol for the christmas duration. Prints of the Snoop Dog canvas are available here at Blue Cedar. They have a comical edge, depicted by the pink rubber bath hat worn by the ganster rapper. Paul creates wonderfully detailed, bright, bold & colourful canvas's.

Paul Stone

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