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Studio Uccello - Lyn Holland

After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Bath Academy of Art I went into teaching and qualified in Further Education with a Cert Ed FE. For many years I taught art and design subjects in various colleges in the Bristol area including South Bristol and Filton Technical Colleges. During these years I developed the desire to run my own business and soon started hand spinning and weaving. This activity consolidated my interest in textiles, and particular yarn, which eventually led to me setting up a knitwear design business selling to John Lewis and Mulberry here in the UK and to Bloomingdales and Saks in the USA. Fulfilling the need to explore the world of colour and textures further I established an interior design shop specialising in colour consultation and soft furnishings. The desire to travel and experience life in a different culture led me to move to Spain where I taught painting for a couple years. Having satisfied this desire I returned to this country revitalised and bursting with fresh ideas. I quickly re-kindled my interest in knitwear. The result has led me on an exciting journey of re-discovering the joy of the knitted stitch and the infinite the ways of combining it with other media.

Studio Uccello - Lyn Holland

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