Paula Lundy

Paula Lundy is a professional contemporary artist living and working in the south west of England. After studying for seven years and experimenting for fifteen, with a vast array of painting styles and mediums, Paula has finally found her unparalleled personification of self expression. The result of which is an amalgamation of paint and sculpture on canvas. When you gaze into a piece of art you are doing more than just looking at an individual‚ (the artist) perspective of reality, you are absorbing the emotional content of the art and merging your emotional state with that of the artist. On a very deep level, profound art has the power to transmit feelings, the same free flowing emotions of playfulness, irony and paradigm shifting states can and will be experienced by you as you continue to gaze. For art is a medium of emotional expression and as the saying goes ‚ a picture paints a thousand words.

Paula's unique style comes from her passion for combining heavy texture with strong visual metallics. Her work stems from a love of sculpture, painting and an ever expanding array of materials. Her work is not something that could ever be copied. Distinctive in appearance and textured form, her art has some very strange but compelling effects on its admirers; it actually compels the viewer to reach out and touch the piece! An amusing side effect of her highly recognizable style, yet even more of a testament to its power to transfix and absorb you.

Paula Lundy

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