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Bill Brouard

Artist Bio Bill Brouard. Born on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, Bill Brouard is an evolutionary, visionary digital artist. He enjoyed a blissfully happy childhood in Mauritius with his family before moving to London in 1973 aged seventeen. After completing an art foundation course atWinchester Art College, Hampshire in 1974, Bill spent two years studying within the fine art department at Newcastle Polytechnic where he subsequently completed his studies within creative and performing arts drama, majoring in dance. For the past two years, he has been almost compulsively creating and producing a vast portfolio of over 3,000 beautiful spiritual images which he publishes through his facebook fan page, Visual Alchemy, where he currently has over 11,000 followers, including many A-list celebries. Bill would prefer not to categorise his artwork due to the limittations inherent in giving something a label. He Says: ” i create my artwork for the sole purpose of helping the awakening of conciousness. I never cared for being too precious about anything, so a sense of humour is often present. I am frequently surprised and delighted by what appears on the screen, as i go into a sort of guided meditation and work totally intuitively”. An exclusive selection of Bill’s work will be available at Blue Cedar Art Cafe Gallery during the Christmas Astral/Angel themed exhibition dated 26th November – New Year 2012.

Bill Brouard

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