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Paul The Artist

Paul the Artist was a Glastonbury resident who sadly died on 1st March 2011. Paul was often seen in the High Street painting the local shops and scenes and around the local area painting landscapes and monuments. Paul had a wonderful friendly persona and will be sadly missed. Blue Cedar Cafe Art Gallery exhibited a retrospective of Paul the Artist's work on Saturday, April 16th. The exhibition ran until Thursday 5th May 2011. Although the exhibition has now finished, it is still possible to see it on-line by visiting It was our intention is to show as many of Paul's works as we could, with a view to arranging his street scenes so the viewer can in effect take a stroll round the town in Paul's eyes. We had been planning this with Paul for later in the year, but another artist has agreed to step aside to enable this event to happen sooner. Many people popped in to see Glastonbury how Paul saw it. We gave Paul's work all of our gallery space for the duration as we believed he was such an important figure in Glastonbury art and will hopefully continue to inspire. Blue Cedar Art Cafe Gallery is situated at 44a High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 9DX, which is just up from St. Johns church, where Paul's funeral was held on Friday 18th March 2011. The public have thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and it is thanks to the community coming together and uniting in the quest to fulfil the idea of sharing the view of Glastonbury through Paul's eyes, for all to see. There are plans in progress to ensemble a catalogue of all of the paintings supplied for the exhibition, so that it may be documented in a book for all to treasure and share for years to come. In addition to our "Made in Glastonbury" exhibition, am pleased to announce we are offering the following giclee print for sale. The Holy Thorn on Wearyall Hill by Paul the Artist Legends suggest that Joseph of Arimathea visited Glastonbury with the Holy Grail and thrust his staff into Wearyall Hill, which then grew into the original Glastonbury Thorn, Crataegus monogyna Biflora. Unlike ordinary hawthorn trees, it flowers twice a year (hence the name "biflora"), the first time in winter and the second time in spring. A flowering sprig is sent to the Queen every Christmas. The original tree has been propagated several times, with one tree growing at Glastonbury Abbey and another in the churchyard of the Church of St John. The "original" Glastonbury Thorn was cut down and burned as a relic of superstition during the English Civil War. As part of the Festival of Britain celebrations of 1951 a replacement thorn was planted on Wearyall Hill. Unfortunately, this tree soon died and the tree that is there today is a replacement planted in 1952. In 2010 this tree was vandalised by persons unknown, but it is hoped that the tree will survive with new growth in the spring. Paul the Artist is mainly known for his paintings of the buildings of Glastonbury and has been commissioned over the past few years to paint several works. This giclee print is on sale for £95. £10 from the sale of each print will go to the Glastonbury Conservation Society. The Society was founded in 1971 and since then this charity has planted over 45,000 trees in and around Glastonbury.

Paul The Artist

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