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Kate Chidley

Original illustrations, limited edition prints, canvases and books. Kate Chidley Books ¬£10 Kate has been day dreaming & doodling , pondering & painting, sketching, scratching & scribbling in what-ever is to hand‚ watercolours, acrylics, inks, crayons, pencils felt tips, biros & really! really! fine tipped pens! Enter the fantasy realms of Kate‚ charismatic cows, Ewenique sheep, painted ponies & dapper dogs, wicked fairies & mad mermaids. Kate Chidley Book £10 ‚ Who and where do the Worthy girls go this summer? And where were you?‚ Pilton pop?, Big Chill ? At the horse trials? Commission Kate's illustrated maps to commemorate weddings and festivals, or to promote your locality. Crafty Cowtoons for all occasions & invitations for all celebrations. Evocative prints from illustrated diaries of Oriental journeys & from Devon to Morocco. Glastonbury Tails‚ where do all the cows go?‚ signed copies £10.00, 32 pages of silly cow madness, Paper back book (20cm x 20cm) Ideal for tiny folk and big kids.

Kate Chidley

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