I was born in Zülpich, Germany in 1983 and we moved to England when I was nine months old. Having little money we stayed in various flats around Somerset before finally moving to Glastonbury, my home town still to this day.

            After Baltonsborough primary school I attended St Dunstan’s Community School the local secondary school of Glastonbury. I made many firm friends in this period although to say my academic endeavours were good, would be a misleading statement. I’d always prefer to draw in my books than write anything that was required of me, and I guess this is where my interest for art first evolved and little did I know, that it would become my growing passion.

            A few years after leaving school and working in the construction industry I decided to attend college to study art and design for a year,  after which I travelled to many countries, some of which included Thailand, Australia, Czech Republic and others, this undoubtedly broadened my perspective of the world and were some of the best times of my life.

            It was only after I got back and went through a lengthy, but successful, recovery of cancer that I decided to take my interests more seriously, and since then have pushed my art in a more decisive direction.


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