Anna Leonie

I was born and brought up in New Zealand and moved to the UK in the 1970's and moved to Glastonbury a few years ago, where I have lived ever since.

For the past 5 or 6 years I have been capturing beautiful images of orbs on my camera - divine, pictorial representations of divine energy and great power, appearing to me through the lens. These orbs are spiritual beings or divine vibrations of light; bringing with them messages of love and hope to us as individuals, to help assist in this huge transformation and ascension of the collective consciousness of humanity toward the light, that is occurring at this time in the world. At no particular time of the day do I take these photos; although most of these images are taken in the darkness of the night or early morning, it is purely the prompting of spirit which compels me to pick up my camera and take photos; and there, always, I will capture a beautiful image of one of the many spiritual beings coming to visit me - it is as though they have something to say, so they tap me on the shoulder to encourage me to go and get my camera! All shapes, sizes and colours will appear.

So as you look at these images I hope you are as uplifted and inspired as I; that you can draw from them the guidance and comfort you are seeking. Just by contemplating on them, you are already taken into a different level of awareness.

Anna Leonie

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