Mair Pattersun

Painting from an early age and winning the Art Cup before she left school. Mair studied Fine Art at Guildford and then worked in the Design Department of an Advertising Agency in London.

Painting mostly in Acrylics, left handed with a brush and right handed with a palette knife, she seeks to capture a moment in time, either with sea and landscapes, or the essence of a person with portraits. She painted John Cleese's portrait in the 80's and enjoys commissions in all her subjects.


A lover of the ocean and the sun, her paintings are filled with colour, with light and with hope and are heavily influenced by her time spent in the Mediterranean and for the last 20 years working for part of each year in the French West Indies, in St Martin.


Working without an easel when on site. She also works form sketches or photographs which she has taken or for commissions.


Mair Pattersun

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