Exhibit with Us

Exhibit with Blue Cedar Online

Blue Cedar online is open for all artists and photographers to exhibit their work.

We exhibit both original works and prints.

In 2014 we revised our scale of charges to make them simpler.  We have also scrapped annual fees, so for most people its cheaper too.

We now charge a fee of £10 when you join us. This includes us creating a “web page” for you from the information you supply us (a biography and image of yourself/your work).  If you cannot supply us with tihs information electronically then there will be a small charge, based on the work involved.

You can also register a domain name so that it is more memorable and can be used on business cards etc. You can do that here.  If your name has been taken there should still be variants e.g. rather than YourName.co.uk it may be possible to have, for example, YourNameArtist.co.uk or YourNameGlastonbury.co.uk

If you need help getting your domain name set up, then we can do this for £5 excluding domain name registration costs.  Please note we can only offer this service to personal callers, as the domain name needs to be registered in your name and not ours.

There is also a charge of £2 per artwork to be uploaded, and £1 for each variant, so for example if you had a print you wanted available in A3 and A2 size then the cost would be £2 plus £1, so £3 in total.  The artwork charge is a one off and thus not payable again for that artwork.  There is no limit to the amount of art you can have on your site.

As mentioned, there are no annual fees, and you can add additional artwork at any time.


Our relationship with you is non-exclusive, you are free to sell your works elsewhere. The only thing we ask is that the same work on sale elsewhere is not offered at a lower price.



We take 20% commission on works printed by Blue Cedar Print Works. We take 30% commission on the sale of original works.  So, for example, if we were to sell a print for £100, we would take £20 commission and you would get £80 less the cost of printing.



We  shall work to promote the sale of the exhibitors work, and we should also like to have an agreed discount structure for multiple purchases.  In the case of prints produced by ourselves, the cost of printing would be discounted by the same percentage, so the amount you would recieve is similarly discounted.  Basically, as our fee is based on commission, it is in our interest too to get a higher price for your work.


We believe that we can offer a very cost-effective service for artists, effectively providing an online presence from only £1 per month with shopping cart.


If you wish to exhibit with us, please telephone 01458 832292, send us an email, or call in to Blue Cedar Print Works on Silver Street, Glastonbury.