Alison Green

My Pastel Path



Intuitive paintings guided by the Art Spirit.


Letting go of all the notions that I had about what it means to be an artist, I call myself a painter or creator of visions.


There is no plan apart from the desire to put paint on paper and express something.  From the words of Robert Henri I cherish my emotions and never undervalue them.


I am not trying to produce work of a particular type, but hope that my enjoyment in creating them will be evident to others.


The natural world, the elements, things seen and unseen influence my work.


My art is an integral part of my healing and spiritual practice.


The pictures may be enjoyed for their harmony of colour and form and also may resonate on a deeper level. The abstract nature allows the viewer to perceive their own image and may evoke feelings within themselves enabling them to explore their own path.


Alison Green

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