Lis O'Kelly

My Artwork really tells the story of the last decade of my life. It was on my honeymoon in the beautiful rainforest setting of Queensland, Australia that I created my first piece of artwork ‘Scribbly Gum’. I was deeply moved and inspired by the rich colours of the land, the artwork of the native aboriginal peoples and the unique and interesting flora and fauna. This all served to awaken the creativity within me which had long lay dormant. During the course of the following ten years I have lived in Spain, Italy and Ireland and have travelled in India and Thailand. Singing, drumming and dancing under the stars, riding bareback on elephants, exploring community living, lying on beautiful beaches, swimming in warm ocean waters, watching sunsets, gazing at eagles flying overhead and meditating under a Banyan tree are just a few of the many rich experiences during this time. All these have served to inspire and influence my artwork. My personal journey of self-discovery is also reflected in my paintings, a spiritual journey towards peace and love. Now living in Glastonbury, UK with my husband and youngest son; it is here in this place at this time that I feel I have found a sense of deep joy, fulfilment and connectedness. It is this feeling of happiness that I wish to extend to others through my artwork.

lis o'kelly

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