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Ruary Allan

I ended up being born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1967. My childhood was great, on account of my age. I fell into Tolkien and then philosophy and mythology, all of which still inform my painting. Having failed O level art I studied geology at St. Andrews where my third eye was opened up, then lived for a decade near San Francisco doing environmental clean up work. There I began to paint seriously and improve my technique. Taken out to sea by free association, I gradually developed a body of intertwined works, which corralled the herds of my subconscious into themes drawn from life’s left field. My paintings soon found their way into various small galleries, juried art festivals, alternative magazines, and onto CD covers and events flyers. I moved to Tokyo for 5 years to teach English, consuming the distinctive aesthetics there and quantities of fish but leaving most paintings in storage. Subsequently I lived in Spain then took off, armed with only a camera, on a long round the world journey. I’ve now landed back in the UK, in Glastonbury, and re-engaged with painting. My website (, when it works right, links to my photography and travel writing too. Please contact me for sales of originals.

Ruary Allan

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