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Bridget Winterbourne

Born in 1964 I am a self taught artist working on my instincts; my inspiration comes from the nature around me. I love to paint landscapes and seascapes in mixed media and have a burning passion to try and portray my feelings about nature through my pictures. My paintings are based on real locations and I work outdoors and from photographs in my studio. The effects of light are a constant inspiration to help me create a more inventive picture of nature. Living in Somerset countryside and also having a second home by the sea in Cornwall gives me such inspiration. I like to try to stretch myself with each painting, trying to take it to its limit which can be both challenging and intense. Continually I look to achieve something better and different. When using mixed media and bold mixing of materials my work is always so exciting as it develops. Even if I am painting the same subject over and over, I will experiment with different techniques and materials to keep the inventiveness and intrigue. I like to break the rules of conforming to traditional painting; it is not about making it look exactly as we see it as a photographic image, but more developing a representation of colour with a sense of expression and style through painting, where every line or mark is an expression of what I see.

Bridget Winterbourne

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