Yoni of the Sacred Temple by Helen Claira


Yoni of the Sacred Temple by Helen Claira. Available as both A4 and A3 laser prints on 250gsm card in cellophane bags with backing board.

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Yoni of the Sacred Temple Arts’ ~Enchantress Tribe

Remembering · Embodiment · Ritual

Divine Masculine · Priestess · Conscious Sexuality


Helen Claira is the artist of 3 of the Crone Tribe: Ancestral Yoni, Yoni of the First Moon & Dream Weaving Yoni.  Helen has also painted Yoni of the 7 Seas and Yoni of the Sacred Temple Arts both in the Enchantress Tribe. Helen’s art focuses primarily on representing the divine feminine. In her current artworks, she aims to raise awareness of the stigma and suppression that currently surrounds menstruation globally.  For more artwork see https://www.facebook.com/wombmandala

All images are also available on Canvas. Please contact Georgie Catling at loveembodied@gmail.com for further details

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