Bridgette Hansen

Bridgette led an abundant life as a happily married woman, protected mother of two now days grown up sons, as a keen chef and house-manager, as a trained sports woman, as a successful business consultant and independent freelance.


At the end of the last millennium she left the security of her long term marriage, and started a spiritual journey to find her own inner centre. Spiritual questions get more and more important and the end of a special love affair in 2002 is meant to be the beginning of a deep loving connection with GOD, who unexpectedly comes into her life to transfer his message of a new life on earth to her. Despite great longing for a spiritual life she continues her career as a business consultant until 2006, when a massive breakdown suddenly changes her whole life.  


From now on she is guided on a deep, many years lasting spiritual healing journey and undergoes the change from the old Paradigm into something new and unknown in all its aspects and ups and downs.  Crowned with success in former years, she now for the very first time in her life, feels helpless, weak, without power, like a ball without arms and legs. Nothing works any longer that suits to the old rules of life! Step by step, she loses everything, she ever owned and loved. Her health, material security, her home, her friends, her family, her partner who died unexpectedly.


In long solitude, filled up with an incredible amount of pain and despite a lot of inner resistance and mistrust against her own intuition, she learns to connect with God more and more. She learns to completely follow him and his message and to live a life, only by trusting God and his guidance which she can feel deep inside her.

New, never before experienced power, creativity, clear consciousness and a deep joy of life develop more and more in her. She is guided on a more than four years lasting pilgrimage in England, where she lives without any material security, exploring the new way of life in a profound and authentic way.
She learns to love, to flow with life and shares her experiences with “the change” as an intuitive photograph-artist & singer, writer, authentic spiritual guide and inspirational speaker. – +44 777 378 909 8

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