Elizabeth J Walker

As a child, I yearned to find those mysterious pictures which let you through into strange landscapes.  Now I create them, gathering the coloured shards fallen from the highscrapers swaying in the winds of change.


There are two series.

Journey wanders through a world of doors, pathways and mazes.  A long and complicated story slowly forms around it, occasionally surfacing here


Seasons is a tale of time, the images depicting the eight points of a solar year, created as they were passing by.  Remind yourself of time by displaying a framed print in its season, or send a greetings card to share the moment with distant friends.


All the pictures are brightly cloured and full of intricate detail.  Even if you’re not inclined to wander the leafy banks of Llammas or puzzle over the Truth About Love, they look pretty.

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Showing 1–8 of 17 results