Kate Gold

I am an adventuress, painter and poet. I am most interested and excited by creativity as an experience; as a means of self-exploration, healing and self-expression. I believe that each individual is naturally creative and that transformation takes place when we engage in the creative process. I, you, we… are the sacred vessels where the alchemy happens.

When we are encouraged to explore our own imagination and to express whatever we find there – whether that be a poem, a song, a movement or a painting – when we draw from the well our inner wisdom and shine a light on our shadows – when we bring images of power into being, we cannot help but gain confidence in ourselves and our inner visions. 

To express ourselves and to be heard and seen is fundamentally important; it tells us that what we have to say and show, matters.

Since I was a child I have been an explorer of colour and form. I saw patterns, faces, and imaginary creatures everywhere around me – from the lion seen in the grain of wooden furniture to fairie faces in the leaves above me. I turned naturally to express myself through image and poetry. It has remained a constant theme in my life, leading me to seek training and work in the arts and to explore many different visual media. I have developed my artists practice through batik, pastel, stone-carving, photography and watercolour painting. For the past four years I have been painting with acrylics using a method called Intentional Creativity and  just completes have my training as an Intentional Creativity Teacher.   This process enables participants to work with their own life stories and bring about transformation and resolution through guided steps of creativity and painting.

I am a deep nature lover – a sister to all that exists in its natural simplicity and wild beauty. The natural environment is of immense importance to me in my creative work and as a person. The ever changing colours and patterns of nature inspire and inform my work.

My relationship with the energy of the Divine Feminine and feminine archetypes plays an important part in my art and often it is the face of the Divine that I see as I approach the canvas and begin to explore a new piece of work.

I am an intuitive artist, poet, shamanic guide and Intentional Creativity Teacher ™

I teach people how to use creativity to transform their lives or aspects of their lives with a heady mix of shamanism, intentional creativity and lots of love.

I help them to get past the blocks that keep them from stepping into their brightest, most beautiful Selves.

I give them tools to identify the stumbling blocks, defuse and deflate the power that the past stories hold and step boldly into their personal power in the now.

The real reason that I do this work is because I believe wholeheartedly in the creative connection between the expressive/creative arts and healing and I truly believe that we all hold this potential within us.

In my past life I was an art and creative writing tutor in a prison and I worked with men of all ages to explore their creativity which taught me a lot about boundaries and the potential for tenderness within each of us. I was also an arts facilitator with children from families in crisis and this taught me about holding safe and sacred space for groups to form and thrive.

When I’m not teaching, painting or writing / coaching, you can find me walking in the beautiful landscape near my home or spending time with my children and grandchildren.

I’d love to invite you to come and join me in my Facebook page : www.facebook.com/paintingaspower or go to my website www.creativeguide.co.uk


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