Madhavi Infinity

Madhavi Infinity is a self taught artist and musician/songwriter from a small town in Estonia.

Growing up with fields of wildflowers and mossy forests as her playground, she let her imagination fly. Madhavi is passionate about the hidden mysteries of life and magical realms of spirit, angels, fairies and elves. Her intention is to bring those invisible realms into life through creative expression and channeling as well as infuse all of her art and music with healing energy. This is her deep soulful and purposeful offering to the world. Sounds and visuals are both powerful mediums to help us awaken, heal and connect to the deepest aspects of ourselves and all of creation.

Throughout school Madhavi was often chosen to hand make posters, cards, signs etc. She was always singing in choirs and engaging with performing arts.

During her first year of college she was deeply spiritually searching and ended up joining vedic temples in Tallinn Estonia, in Vienna Austria, in Berlin Germany, in Vrindavan India and in Florida United States practicing bhakti yoga and chanting of ancient mantras. Today she has embraced an open universal approach to spirituality and follows the path of listening and deepening her intuition. Madhavi continues to compose and sing original songs accompanied by harmonium, ukulele and celtic harp. A deep call to celtic roots inspired her to start learning to play celtic harp and after a magical pilgrimage to ancient Avalon and Stonehenge in the summer of 2018 she manifested her first full size harp. Later that year she was invited to join Royal Kona Harp Ensemble on the Big Island of Hawaii where she resides since 2011.

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