Maria Silmon

Maria is a digital artist, and has enjoyed creating art all of her life.  She originally concentrated on fine art and this interest evolved through clothes design, paper-collage images and, in more recent years, through the mediums of photography and video.

Whilst living for some years in a remote location on the North York Moors, she taught herself skills in photography, video and digital media, inspired and driven by the abundance of the natural world on her doorstep. She took part in North Yorkshire Open Studios for a few consecutive years, and now lives, again near Glastonbury.

Maria has exhibited her video and artwork extensively over the years, including a showing of her collage work, on the theme of the Solar Festivals, in The Chalice well Gardens in 2002, and a show of work at Megalithomania Conference in Glastonbury a few years running.  She has also had a number of her images published in the We’Moon Diary.  She observes the dynamic energies of the moon phases and solar festival wheel of the year, and creates work inspired by these natural phenomena.

As well as a passion for indigenous cultures including our own Western ancestors, she enjoys visiting sacred sites and attuning to the subtle energies there and creating work from these experiences.

Her latest work is a collection of delicate wild flower mandalas, digitally worked into intricate forms, from her original photographs of flowers, flora and fauna, and sourced at the specific times of each of the 8 solar festivals, thereby capturing the essence of the time.

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Showing 1–8 of 14 results