Mariel Mokira

I have always been intrigued by mysterious art and my first favourite artist in my teens, was Salvador Dali. Art is for me, when my imagination awakens while gazing at a picture. When I can discover spiritual beings, symbols or anything that at first is not obvious for the eye. After a while, I dive into the painting and new images emerge. What I love is when everybody experiences different things.


In 1997-1998, I studied the work of Rudolf Steiner, and during that time various spiritual beings kind of came through me and appeared on paper, and they all had wings. There is a couple of them on my website; where you can find information about my mission and vision, what sessions and workshop I am offering and wisdom from spiritual teachers.


However, on this site I am at the moment sharing photography.  Around year 2009, I discovered a new passion. I started to get drawn to certain waters and took photos of them. Later, while looking at the photos, I could see images, faces, spiritual beings and creatures emerging out of the depths.


As I know how nourishing imagination is for the soul and spirit of humans, I like to share some of my water photography here, called Spirit of the Water. They are all in their natural form without editing, except from some colour enhancement.


The photos can be used in a meditative contemplation, and when gazing at them, you can experience a luminous healing radiance and an awakening of your creative force. There is also a possibility that you will receive a unique message from the Spirit of the Water. 

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Showing 1–8 of 17 results