Sandra Brant

There is a quote by Pre-Raphaelite artist Rossetti which constantly inspires me: “People who dream in broad daylight learn about things which are never revealed to those who only dream at night”

In all of my work there is an element of the daydream, a doorway to other dimensions for the viewer to access.  Working spontaneously I try and capture the immense beauty and colour that surrounds us on all levels every day of our lives. I am inspired by the natural world and a love of colour and geometric forms and their correspondences, along with myths, legends and spirituality.

 I have been painting and creating since I was about 10 years old, taking up painting seriously about 25 years ago, working mainly in acrylic and occasionally oil or watercolour on any surface that will stay still long enough to paint on!

I have had solo exhibitions in Glastonbury and Cambridgeshire and exhibit my work at arts fairs and group exhibitions across Somerset. 

I have many interests – all art related – including:- narrow boat art, taxidermy, painted furniture, decorated skulls, wall hangings and painting murals.

I am happy to undertake commissions for art work, painted furniture and wall murals. Prints and cards are available of most paintings.

For further information please phone or e-mail me.

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Showing 1–12 of 31 results