Wyndham Rennie

 I studied at the Gloucester Collage of Art and then at the Vienna Academy of Fine Art where I studied portraiture, life drawing and painting in the Master painting class under Prof. Franz Elsner and  Prof. Rudolf Hausner.

Exhibitions include in Vienna and Mall Galleries, video installation. (Crystal Landscapes.)

I have lived in Somerset for the last 20 years and have exhibited and sold my work privately and at various venues and galleries in the West country including the Victoria Gallery summer exhibitions in Bath, and also  other venues in Bath, Norwich, Frome, Glastonbury, Torquay, West Sussex and most recently a small show in Bruton, “Fancy fowl” exhibition and at the Royal Bath and West show. However most of my work over this period has been through private commissions, portraits, landscapes, murals, trompe l’oeil and restoration work on antique oil paintings.

My work  is mostly representational, at the moment, rather than abstract or impressionistic. I like my work to be an honest and accurate representation of the subject matter, rather than conceptual, intellectual or philosophical. I do think it important however to try and convey a  deeper feeling of a place, landscape or subject in the finished painting. I like to feel that the viewer should be entertained not only by the overall look of a work but also by the detail in a painting, accuracy of the topography in a landscape and visually to travel around the painting and be drawn in, to discover more.

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Showing all 2 results