Zenon Michalak

B. Zenon Michalak Master Artist, Visionary and Philosopher

The Scrolls ~ A new series of visionary masterpieces


The first three original scrolls were designed during his last year in America; on an artist residency in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.  Zenon has spent 50 years studying in major Spiritual Centres across the globe. He recently returned to his spiritual heart of Avalon, in his homeland of England, where he has completed the final thirteen scrolls. The Scrolls came to Zenon in a series of transmissions and transcriptions received from the spiritual world. He has devised a unique and divinely inspired template embodying the possibility of a new Grail epoch to assist in humanity’s awakening. 

Zenon’s early visionary work in glass, artistry and design, conceptualised his fascination with the Grail Story.  Over twenty-five years he heralded thirteen series of masterpiece stained glass windows; inlaid with precious gems and plated with 24 carat gold. Each stained glass series encapsulates the mythical journey into sacred realms; through the beauty of coloured and refracted light. His first major compendium of stained glass, The Grail Vision Series, is a journey around the Zodiac through a unique patterning cycle which includes utilising the myth of landscape (Pyramid, Lake and Mt Shasta)

All of Zenon’s Master Stained Glass Templates and Scroll Series embody sacred designs in symbolic law that reveal a diverse library of archetypes, mythology and energetic systems; developed over a lifetime to culminate in a systematised cosmology of The Great Tree.  Link to www.onegrailring.com


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