The Holy Thorn – giclee print


The Holy Thorn

By Paul The Artist

Giclee Print – 16″ x 23″

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The “Holy Thorn” painting by Paul the Artist was the only painting that Paul gave permission to be made into prints.¬† Paul painted this as a commission, but approached us after the tree was vandalised in 2010 to ask if we would be prepared to make prints of, subject to the owner’s permission.  The owner also agreed, so we started making prints with £10 from the sale of each print to go to the Glastonbury Conservation Society.

The Glastonbury Conservation Society have planted over 47,500 trees in the Glastonbury area since their founding in 1971.


Having spoken to Paul’s family, the royalties from the prints of the Holy Thorn painting by Paul the Artist, that we have been selling in the gallery, will in future go toward a bursary fund for artists who are going through financial hardship, and would benefit from the direct support to unleash their creativity and display their work.

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